Sunday, January 13, 2008

i miss u

i miss us so so badly... it just hurts to see u drifting away from me... oh how i wish time is reverseable... i miss u so so much. a few nights i dreamt of u holding my hands, and just walking... walking and talking about the things we used to share together and oh... how tears of happiness roll down my cheek each time. i check my phone every morning after i wake up just to see if its true... i make myself belief there will come a day when you would take my hand and take me away from this misery. take me away from the living nightmare that im having. to be honest, i feel im living a nightmare and dreaming reality... i just want u here so so badly. coz i miss u. i miss u so much that i just cant get things right... please please do come back. even if ill have to wait till the very last minute of my life, i will... u are all i want. all i need. and all i would ever wish for.

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