Monday, October 12, 2009

Re-using this blog.

After what seemed like 98271892798 years, i found this blog that i created back in 2007, while trying to recreate a new blog page for my e portfolio assignment thing. Brings back memories...

Friday, January 18, 2008


Hoho today i feel so satisfied! i finally contenged the white shoe i bought from giant last time... =) this is my fifth pair im drawing for myself! happy lo! i love these shoes coz they are cheap and i can choose my very own design!

This time i decided to draw my idol. Mickey mouse! =) cant help it. i just love mickey... O.o

i found a pic of the round fat mickey and minnie on da internet and it was just too adorable to resist. i had to draw them... =)


these few days i have been eating alot! =) this is wud i had for supper last last night! it was 2am! my timing is all wrong d... i eat when i shud sleep and sleep when i shud eat... i had THIS for tea time today! O.o

A HUGE bowl of cabonara... MAN it tasted soooooo GOOD!
p.s i wanna thank God for all the good food he has blessed me with!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dont Bother

Why bother impressing the world when all it does is look down on u?

OMG im goin off to aussieland soon!

Omg i cant believe im gonna go to aus in less than a month! scared! man im gonna miss malaysia... now theres only 1 thing on my mind... how am i gonna pack my house, my family, my car, my friends, a chunk of ss2, and my stuff into a 30kg bag? Damn.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Sunday, January 13, 2008

i miss u

i miss us so so badly... it just hurts to see u drifting away from me... oh how i wish time is reverseable... i miss u so so much. a few nights i dreamt of u holding my hands, and just walking... walking and talking about the things we used to share together and oh... how tears of happiness roll down my cheek each time. i check my phone every morning after i wake up just to see if its true... i make myself belief there will come a day when you would take my hand and take me away from this misery. take me away from the living nightmare that im having. to be honest, i feel im living a nightmare and dreaming reality... i just want u here so so badly. coz i miss u. i miss u so much that i just cant get things right... please please do come back. even if ill have to wait till the very last minute of my life, i will... u are all i want. all i need. and all i would ever wish for.